पराशरतन्त्रम् (Parāśaratantra)

pt The 21 chapters present a compilation of Sanskrit texts by Parasara, a sage and scholar from ancient India dispersed in the commentaries of scholars such as Varāha-mihira, Utpala, Ballāla-Sena and Bhaskara-Yogi living between 6th and 13th century.

The text is accompanied by relevant archaeo-astronomical analysis of Parāśara’s season solar zodiac and observation of the heliacal rise and set of star Agastya (Canopus).

This reconstructed text with translation and notes by RNI is a fruition of a long journey of research and investigation into History of Science in India.

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नारदशिल्पशास्त्रम् (Nārada Śilpaśāstra)

ns This text, in terse technical Sanskrit prose describes site selection, planning of villages and cities, construction of roads, dams, lakes, foundation, basement, and super structure of private and public buildings including marriage halls, art galleries, theaters and temples.

Internal evidences point out that in its present form, this text originated at a time when weekdays were not in vogue, but acquired additional material at a later period and fixed in South India around 6th century CE.

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