Professor Rangachar Narayana Iyengar, Director of CAHC

Prof RNI is the Director of the Center for Ancient History and Culture (CAHC) at the Jain University since 2012 and is actively working on research in the areas of Indian Knowledge Systems including the History of Science in India.

Professor R. N. Iyengar B.E., M.Sc(Eng).,Ph.D., (b. 1943) is renowned for his contributions to Earthquake Engineering, Random Vibrations, Mathematical Modeling, Structural Dynamics and Nonlinear Systems. As faculty at the Indian Institute of Science from 1969 till his retirement in 2005 as KSIDC Chair Professor in Civil Engineering, Iyengar has published 200 technical papers, reports, general articles and books. He is Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering, Indian Academy of Science, National Academy of Science and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany. He held the Distinguished Schmidt Chair at the Florida Atlantic University, USA in 1995. He was Director of CBRI-CSIR (1994-2000); Raja Ramanna Fellow of Dept. of Atomic Energy (2005-10). After establishing the Centre for Disaster Mitigation with a unique Fire Research Lab, he is currently Distinguished Emeritus Professor and the Director of the Centre for Ancient History & Culture at the Jain University, Bangalore.

Brought up in a family of Sanskrit scholars, Professor Iyengar received initial training in Sanskrit studies in the traditional way. This has propelled him to become an avid reader of ancient texts in the original. He has developed, combining Indic knowledge traditions with modern methods, a new line of study of ancient Indian heritage. His findings on comets, eclipses, earthquakes, ancient geography, effect of precession and the Pole Star Dhruva in Vedic literature, Concept of Probability in classical music, have attracted worldwide attention. He brought out the Parāśaratantra, an ancient Sanskrit treatise on astronomy and natural sciences, with text, translation and notes in 2013. Recently he has edited Nāradaśilpam, a medieval period text on Civil Engineering with introduction, translation and notes. He is presently critically editing Vṛddha-gārgīya Jyotiṣa an ancient text on astral sciences from about ten unpublished manuscripts.

Prof. R.N. Iyengar’s Brief Bio and his Publications on Indian Knowledge Systems

Shankar Rajaraman, Associate Professor
Shankar Rajaraman is an Associate Professor at CAHC since 2022 and works in area of Sanskrit Literature.

Sudarshan HS , Research Associate
Researching on comets and impact events in Vedas, Puranas, Vedangas and other pre-siddhantic texts like Vṛddha-Gārgīya Jyotiṣa and Parāśaratantra. Working towards publishing a crtical edition of Vṛddha-Gārgīya Jyotiṣa.

R S Hariharan, Research Assistant
Interested in the interface of leadership studies & Sanskrit Literature.

Smita Bhatta , Project Assistant
Assist in the manuscript collation, translation and editing activities and maintenance of the book catalog for project titled “IKS Project of MOE-AICTE at Jain University”

Warija Adiga , Associate
A researcher involved in study of ancient Sanskrit manuscripts and shastras. She has published several Sanskrit articles/ stories in Sanskrit magazines like Sambhashana Sandesha and Sanskrit Bhavitavyam. She has presented a couple of papers at All India Sanskrit Conference and BVP Conference. She has also summarised the proceedings of BVP conference (Udupi) and All India Oriental Centennial Conference (Nagpur) in the form of books. Some of her articles have been published by Indica and Ethics Asia journal as well.

Sunder Chakravarty , Associate
Develop computer programs and models to validate and infer astronomical and other observational information in ancient text .