The Center for Ancient History and Culture (CAHC) carries out inter-disciplinary research on India’s ancient cultural & intellectual heritage. The Ministry of Education, Govt of India, has recognized CAHC of Jain University as an Indian Knowledge System (IKS) center after a competitive national evaluation.


Generally, Indian history is treated as chronicling political history, without adequate emphasis on cultural, scientific and social intellectual traditions. Ancient Indian history is still depicted from a Eurocentric viewpoint. There is a need to present ancient history in an objective fashion avoiding extremities of ideologies. The modern education should be able to connect with intellectual traditions deep rooted in ancient India. CAHC was started in the year 2011 to conduct primary research towards addressing this gap.

Research activities

The centre studies ancient natural sciences texts and unpublished manuscripts. The research areas include

  • Intellectual history
  • Cultural history
  • Pre-Siddhantic and Siddhantic Astronomy
  • Shilpashastra
  • History of Music

The center publishes

  • Academic papers in peer reviewed journals.
  • Books on these research areas. Two books are in print and third book is under preparation.

Outreach activities

The Center’s outreach activities aims to inculcate appreciation for the cultural heritage of India.

Some of these are

  • National Level Workshop on Manuscriptology And Paleography (November 2012)
  • International Seminar OnThe Future Of Civilisation (December 2012)
  • National Conference on Intellectual Traditions of Ancient India supported by ICHR (August 2015)
  • A short course on “Introduction to Indian Astronomy” (May 2018)
  • Lectures on topics as Dhruva, Agastya, Numbers in Vedas , etc.